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Eye Gaze Machine – Say It with Your Eyes!

Posted on 28/12/2018

Eye gaze machines are one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology available on the assistive market, with much research taking place as to how to make these devices cheaper and better than ever before. Tobii Dynavox are the world leaders in eye gaze machinery, both for assistive technology and various other sectors. You might know them as one of the biggest names in communication, but the ‘Dynavox’ branch is just one of four branches of the Tobii brand.

Tobi Dynavox

The latest piece of eye gaze machinery is the I-12+, a device that enables effective communication, environmental control and computer access, all through the eye tracking software built into the tablet. Besides being a market leader in eye gaze AAC, they also produce a number of other devices, such as the speech case for iPads, the Indi core tablet and the eye gaze PC mini.

Tobi Pro

This branch of the Tobi technology is the research division that focuses on developing eye gaze machines for many purposes. Some of the research topics include Psychology and Neuroscience and infant and child, both which influence their AAC devices. Some of the other areas they study are virtual reality, professional performance, consumer research and user experience and interaction.

Tobi Technology Integration/ Tobi Gaming

Integrating Tobi’s eye gaze machinery with other tech companies, this branch aims to create an expansion of eye gaze technology by collaborating with other brands to enable other technologies to be accessed with the eyes. The gaming branch of Tobi develops eye gaze technology for gamers, such as virtual reality and accessible gaming.

For more information about the communication aids that Tobii supply, visit their site here.