Communication Aids

Our primary objectives are setting lively minds free and to judge people based on what they can do, not what they can’t. By providing suitable communication aids to individuals with incoherent speech and people who are non-verbal, we aim to get voices heard and assist those in need to live a more independent life.

There is a wide variety of assistive technology on the market and with the help of your assigned Speech and Language Therapist, we can find the most suitable device and get to work raising money to supply it. Some of the most common speech aids we provide are: Grid Pads, Lightwriters, eye gaze machines and iPads.

Although these assistive technologies all help people to communicate, they differ in suitability and capability, so it is important that an informed decision is made about the right device for your condition. Have a read of our communication aids information to learn more about what they are and who they could help. See the links below:

What is AAC?

Finding The Right Communication Aids  

More About Communication Aids

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