Communication Aid Accessories

Once a member of The Sequal Trust has acquired a communication aid, there are a number of technologies that can enhance the device, should the requirements of an individual change. Some of the main communication aid accessories are listed below.

PC Eye Mini

pc eye mini device

The PC eye mini is an eye gaze device that allows a user to control a computer using just their eyes. Pages are navigated by the user moving their eyes and selection are made with a blink, allowing those with no mobility to interact using a computer. When coupled with communication aid software, the PC Eye Mini can transform a desktop or laptop into a fully functioning communication aid, by selecting phrases and sentences to be read by an augmented voice. Alternatively, the device can be used without communication software to allow a user to browse the web, chat with friends or write documents on any computer.

As the technology relies on eye movement, this device is suited to those who have severe mobility issues as well as communication difficulties.

Speech Case for iPad

Developed by Tobii Dynavox, the Speech Case is a device which enhances iPads equipped with communication aid software. Equipped with extra loud speakers, a kickstand and attachments for mounting or shoulder straps, the design is centred around usability and practicality. By making users augmented speech louder and clearer, the Speech Case is ideal for environments where the traditional speakers of an iPad may be muffled, such as when out and about or at school or work.

As an accessory specific to iPads and not a stand-alone communication aid, it is only suited to those who already have an iPad equipped with communication software.