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Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Posted on 25/10/2018

October is national Retts Syndrome Awareness Month and although the disorder is rare, as a communication disability charity we see many people with the condition approaching us for speech aids. Effecting...

New AAC For Communication Difficulties

Posted on 30/08/2018

Living with communication difficulties is a daily challenge for those who have incoherent speech or a condition that makes them non-verbal. With help from speech and language therapists and charities like...

Lee Ridley: Our Patron and BGT Winner!

Posted on 14/06/2018

Our long-standing Patron Lee Ridley, who now is more commonly known by his stage name ‘Lost Voice Guy’ was crowned the winner of this years Britain’s Got Talent this year and we are immensely proud...

XBOX Releases a Disabled Friendly Controller

Posted on 24/05/2018

Details about the first ever console controller designed especially for disabled gamers have been released by Microsoft.   The development comes as the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK released a report...