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How to Get Involved with Communication Charity

Posted on 07/12/2018

The Sequal Trust are always eager for people to get involved with our charity and there are a number of ways in which to do so, whether you’re looking for help or looking to support our communication charity.


The work of our communication charity is funded solely through grants and donations, so making a donation in any form is hugely appreciated both by us and by our members. How much you donate is entirely your decision and can be set up as a regular payment or as a one-off, either through direct debit or through our just giving page.

Join The 100 Club

Our communication charity set up this fundraising initiative as a way to give back to our supporters. Sign up and become part of the syndicate, select some numbers from 1-100 and when we make a draw every quarter, you could win up to £100! It only costs £12 per year to be part of the syndicate and over half of the membership fee is given back out in prizes. Just see here for more information or to join.

Set Up A Fundraiser

We are always delighted to hear of the many ways our supporters have raised funds for us, whether a bake sale, a sponsored silence or a 10k. If you would like to raise money for us by undertaking an activity of any sort, please get in touch with our team at or visit our contact page and we will discuss what to do with donations you receive.

Become A Member

As a communication charity, our entire ethos is focused on our members and raising funds to supply them with communication devices to help set their lively minds free. If you or somebody you know suffers with communication difficulties, has incoherent speech or is non-verbal, then you can sign up to be a member and receive our help. Just visit our application page.