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The Sequal Trust 100+ Club

Posted on 23/08/2018

Here at The Sequal Trust, all of our work is funded through donations from others, which can be accepted in many forms. Aside from cheques, just giving and fundraisers by our supporters, we also internally run what we call the 100+ club. This club is something we set up many years ago, and anyone can join in if they wish to help us in providing communication equipment to those with incoherent speech or who are non-verbal.

What Is It?

The 100+ club is a lottery style syndicate with a membership costing £12 per number, per year. Members of the club can pick as many numbers as they like to be in with a chance of winning in one of our quarterly in-house draws. If your numbers are drawn, the top prize is £100, but there are also monetary prizes for 4 runners up. Half of all money from membership goes back out in prizes, while the other half goes into The Sequal Trust pot for communication equipment for the disabled.

How Can I Join?

To become a member, simply fill out an application form that can be found in our latest newsletter. Once you have filled out your name, address, telephone number and signed just post your form to us directly at 3 Ploughmans Corner, Wharf Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire SY12 0EJ.

After your first year has elapsed in the 100+ club we will send you renewal reminders should you want to enter again or alternatively you can set up a once a year direct debit to refresh your membership and be entered into more draws.

To get involved with the 100+ club please 100+ App form to access the application form. Alternatively. if you wish to donate money towards funding communication equipment for the disabled visit our website.