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50 Years of The Sequal Trust!

Posted on 06/09/2019

September marks 50 years since The Sequal Trust was conceived and ever since 1969 we’ve been supplying communication aids to those who are non-verbal or have incoherent speech. In this time, we have helped thousands of people to reach their full potential through the provision of suitable communication aids.

As technology has evolved so too have the devices that we supply and in this half a century we have even had some repeat members! But technology isn’t the only thing that has changed – so too have the lives of the people we’ve helped. Our motto has always been to set lively minds free and we aim to continue doing just that, for another 50 years or more.

We’ve come a long way since the days of our predecessor, the PUA – Possum Users Association and have appointed several Patrons. Our President Nigel Havers has been at the top of the table since 1992 taking over the role from his father. Not to mention, our patron Lee Ridley shot to national fame after winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2018, becoming the first person to win who uses a communication aid.

Lee and all of our patrons continue to raise awareness of speech disorders with Dorcas Munday, Her Royal Highness the Princess Michael of Kent and Roger Jeffcoate all taking their role as patrons forward and flying the flag for The Sequal Trust. Sadly, we also lost one of our patrons, Professor Stephen Hawking who remains to this day a pioneer for what can be achieved with a communication aid. He remains a posthumous patron and will forever be an integral part of all that The Sequal Trust has achieved.

All our work is inspired by the people we help, but we couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of all our supporters and everyone who has donated over the years. So we’d like to say a thank you – to everyone who has ever shared a post, written to us, donated to us, fundraised, or even just done their bit to raise awareness of disability, for making the world a better place and improving the lives of those with speech difficulties!