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Alternate Communication Aids

Posted on 14/12/2018

Besides the electronic devices available to those with communication difficulties, there are a number of aids to help individuals communicate that aren’t electrical but can enhance the performance of devices. Take a look at our breakdown of some of the best available accessories available for communication aids.

Speech Case

Developed for iPad this aid to help individuals communicate is designed to enhance the augmented voices that are commanded by speech software. Featuring extra loud speakers, a kickstand and attachments for mounting shoulder straps the aid is centred around usability and practicality. Making users augmented speech louder and clearer, the speech case is ideal for environments where the traditional speakers may not be loud enough to get a message across, such as at work, school or out and about.

PC Eye Mini

Another aid to help individuals communicate comes in the form of the PC eye mini, a form of eye gaze technology that is an external attachment. Used to make desktop computers accessible by a person’s eyes, the plug-in tracks eye movements, with a blink acting as a click and the eyes acting as a scroll. Suited to those with limited mobility or reduced motor skills, this aid can also account for those who have poor head control.

Communication Boards

This aid to help individuals communicate is not electronic at all but is a standalone method for communication.  The person using the board points to words, phrases or images to form sentences, make requests and express their needs. These boards are ideal to use alongside electronic devices but can be used in bathing, wet weather and on day trips without fear of damage or loss.

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