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XBOX Releases a Disabled Friendly Controller

Posted on 24/05/2018

Details about the first ever console controller designed especially for disabled gamers have been released by Microsoft.


The development comes as the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK released a report suggesting that more needs to be done to help disabled gamers have access to the video games they love.


Now working in conjunction with Microsoft, who manufacture the popular XBOX consoles, they have created an Adaptive Controller to give those with disabilities better access.


Currently, players must rely on the work of specialist charities to adapt traditional controllers to meet their needs, but this can cost hundreds of pounds and take a very long time.


The adaptive controller acts as a central hub and allows users to plug in a variety of joysticks, controllers and touch pads and takes over the traditional buttons or interfaces found within them.

As many disabled people will already have switches in their home for other purposes, such as TV and environmental control, these can simply be plugged in and used to control gameplay, so no additional learning is required by the user.


This also means that users can have controls in an area that is unique to their needs and comfortable for them to use. Those with limited movements in their hands can position controls by their feet, chin, chest or anywhere they have mobility and can access a button.


The controller is due to be released for sale later in 2018 and will cost about £75. As the technology is available over the counter, games with disabilities will no longer have to wait long periods of time to join in the games they love and integrate into online communities.


For more information about the controller please visit the XBOX website.