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The Sequal Trust Receive Endorsement from Nigel Havers

Posted on 24/08/2016

The Sequal Trust are delighted to have received a message of heartfelt support from our President, Nigel Havers. The actor, whom you might know from a long term role in Coronation Street and an appearance in Downton Abbey, inherited the position from his father, Lord Havers, in 1992, and has been an active participant in the Trust ever since. He had the following kind words to say:

“As an actor, my voice is of extreme importance and it is very easy to take this faculty for granted. But, for many, the gift of speech does not come naturally and help is needed to enable them to make their way in life that much easier. The Sequal Trust aims to provide this help and I am pleased to support their ongoing work amongst the disabled community, in providing communication aids so that everyone can access a ‘voice’.”

Originally set up in the late 1960’s, the Sequal Trust have been supplying assistive technology to help bridge the communication gap for those effected by physical and communicative disabilities for nearly 50 years now. We’re a small team of dedicated individuals who are committed to finding new cases throughout the country, and helping brilliant minds to find a voice through a range of communication aids including eye tracking software and other innovative pieces of technology.

If you or someone you know might benefit from our support, we invite you to apply for our help online today.