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New AAC For Communication Difficulties

Posted on 30/08/2018

Living with communication difficulties is a daily challenge for those who have incoherent speech or a condition that makes them non-verbal. With help from speech and language therapists and charities like The Sequal Trust, we are able to assist people with these issues through the provision of suitable communication devices such as the lightwriter, eye gaze and Grid pad. As with most technical products, the market for AAC moves forward and devices advance, so read on to learn about some of the latest communication technologies.

Speech Case For iPad

The Tobii Dynavox Speech case and speech case pro are used to enhance the communication capabilities of an iPad that is used in conjunction with specialist AAC software. Featuring a kickstand, attachment for mounting and attachments for shoulder straps the case allows an iPad to be positioned wherever is most comfortable for the user. Although the case isn’t a stand-alone communication device, it works be amplifying the sounds emitted from the communication software, making the users augmented speech louder and clearer.

PCeye Mini

As another accessory to existing speech devices, the PCeye mini is ideal for those with communication difficulties and limited mobility in their upper body. By connecting this device to an iPad or computer, users can surf the web, use communication software, create documents and control surrounding with just the use of their eyes.

The Allora

Created by company Techcess, the new Allora is a switch accessible text to speech communication device, similar to a lightwriter. Suited to those with limited speech and mobility, the device is adjustable to meet the individuals changing requirements over time. Featuring an on-screen display and a detachable display screen, this AAC has many options for the user to communicate in a way that they feel comfortable. With SMS messaging, users are able to keep in contact with friends and family near and afar and the USB port allows for upload and download of documents for school or work to be read aloud via the device.

For more information about communication devices for the disabled, please visit our dedicated webpage, or call our friendly team on 01691 624 222.