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4 Things You Might Not Know About Eye Gaze Technology

Posted on 01/11/2018

Eye gaze technology is a truly remarkable invention that has been giving people with limited mobility the chance to communicate with their eyes for years. But despite being an advanced technology it is still a little understood piece of equipment.

  1. They Operate on Cameras

Eye gaze technology or eye tracking is a way of accessing your computer or speech aid device using a mouse that is controlled with your eyes. Underneath the surface of these devices is a series of cameras that track eye movements using the reflections from the pupils.

  1. They Are More Than Just A Communication Device

Eye Gaze Technology allows access to a number of devices that you would usually use a mouse to access. Looking around a screen or into an eye gaze attachment, individuals can surf the web, control their environment, send messages, complete assessments or even just play games!

  1. They aren’t pre-loaded with Software

Although their primary use is as a communication device, eye gaze technologies do not come pre-loaded with communication software. In order to operate to their full capacity as a speech aid, relevant programmes must be purchased separately.

  1. They are Suitable For All Ages

The nature of eye gaze technologies makes them suited to a broad range of people. As they rely on eye movements and blinking even very children who can’t read or write yet can learn to use them and subsequently learn to communicate. Likewise, their simplicity makes them ideal for elderly people and a range of different levels of communication software is available, matched to an individual’s vocabulary level.

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