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The Sequal Trust Receive Support from Princess Michael of Kent

Posted on 28/07/2016

The Sequal Trust are delighted to have received a message of support from one of our many valued patrons, Princess Michael of Kent.

Speaking following our Annual General Meeting earlier this month, Princess Michael has confirmed she will support our on-going work throughout the disabled community:

“As a long standing Patron of The Sequal Trust, I am pleased to support their on- going work amongst the disabled community, in providing communication aids so that everyone can access a ‘voice’.”

The generous donations and awareness campaigns of our many well-known sponsors and patrons are what allow us to continue our valuable work, so we’re always grateful when we receive a message of support and compassion such as this.

Based in Shropshire, we at The Sequal Trust are always looking to bridge the communication gap for new and brilliant individuals throughout the UK who are facing physical or communicative disability; but what does bridging the communication gap mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means finding individuals who might have been involved in road traffic accidents, or those with a number of medical conditions, and supplying high tech communication aids to improve their quality of life. This might include specialised computer systems, eye-tracking software or even voice synthesizers.

We’re currently looking to help fund-raise for new cases throughout the UK, so if you feel that you or anyone you know might benefit from our help, we invite you to apply online today.