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Pocket Guide to Communication Aids

Posted on 18/04/2019

For those living with communication difficulties, it can be challenging to navigate the communication aids landscape. With newer AAC devices being developed every day it can be hard to know which sort best meets your needs. Whether you prefer a speech tablet, tablet-app solution or a traditional AAC device, The Sequal Trust have put together a pocketbook guide to choosing the right communication aid.


Some of the communication aids we supply to our members include traditional devices such as a lightwriter, eye gaze technology and grid pads, but we’ve also been known to supply iPads and laptop equipped with assistive aids for communication. All electronic communication aids, these systems speak on behalf of their users using an augmented voice which responds to the input their input, either through pre-set word selection, typing or choosing pictures that represent simple phrases.


Most styles of communication aid require specific communication software in order to be fit for purpose. While Grid pads and Eye gaze machines require device-specific software to be loaded on to them, iPads and computers can utilise simple apps to help users communicate. A user’s requirements usually determine the sort of software necessary for communication as those with limited mobility will rely on eye gaze enabled software, while more abled people may prefer to type their own messages.

One Solution

Most of those using our services require a combination of a communication aid and software, both of which we can fund.  As part of our mission to set lively minds free, The Sequal Trust will provide ongoing support to members, even after they have received their devices. What’s more, we won’t just fund a single device, if a user’s needs change down the line, or their technology becomes defunct, we are happy to set up a new fundraising campaign to support them when necessary.

For more information about communication aids or how we can help contact our team today on 01691 624 222.