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Lee Ridley Releases His Memoirs

Posted on 06/06/2019

Our beloved patron Lee Ridley, who may be better-known as lost voice guy to most, won the hearts of the nation last year to be crowned the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, becoming the first communication aid user to take the coveted title. A year on from his win, he has written a memoir called ‘I’m Only In It For The Parking; a witty and thought-provoking account of life and laughter from the priority seats’ which was released on 16th May.

In the new book, Lee charts his life from being diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby, which led to him having no speech ability, through to winning the TV competition and dealing with his newfound fame. He discusses candidly how winning BGT changed his life and reflects on his 38 years that lead up to the occasion. In true Lee Ridley style, the book is filled with uplifting and humorous anecdotes about how his disability has impacted life, with one of the funniest moments being how he hurtled down a ski slope while everyone dived out of the way.

Our patron has also included a number of disabled life hacks that he hopes will inspire other people with disabilities and help them in everyday life; such as wearing a scarf to a restaurant so it can double as a bib without being too obvious.

While his new book focuses on the positives in his life and is sketch show embraces his disability, he candidly talks about the struggles he has endured as a result of cerebral palsy and how difficult growing up and being independent has been. Encompassing themes of loneliness, depression and self-deprecation, as well as euphoria and self-improvement, his memoirs are an emotional journey of what it’s like to pursue your dreams and overcome challenges with a disability and communication aid.