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Handheld Speech Communication Aids

Posted on 08/02/2019

For many people living with disabilities employing devices to assist them is a necessary part of life, but it’s important that any such technologies inspire independence. In the case of speech communication aids, handheld devices can help benefit users in this way as they are in control of their device as much as possible. Although not always suitable for those who also have mobility issues, there are a variety of handheld speech communication aids available which are ever evolving.

Logan Proxpad

This handheld speech communication aid uses radio frequency tag reading technology to help those with communication difficulties communicate. The device can either be tapped onto, or swiped nearby to a tag, which will then initiate an augmented voice to read out whatever is displayed on the tag. Like all good communication devices, each Proxpad also has the ability to record your own tags allowing for the greater development of vocabulary.

Smart 3

The Smart 3 is the smallest speech communication aid available and weighs only 300 grams so is ideal for transporting around. With excellent sound quality and a bright display, this device works by the user selecting words to form sentences, which are read aloud by the machine. The Smart 3 is also compatible with external screens that can be given to people, making it ideal for noisy environments or for educational purposes.

Zingui 2

Designed with easy access in mind, the Zingui 2 is tailored to children in key stage 2 and above who need support in their language development. This speech communication aid has categories that contain phrases, keyboards, games, calendars, multimedia and utilities making it much more than a communication device.

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