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AAC – Travel Checklist

Posted on 29/03/2019

With Easter holidays on the horizon and warming whether, you may be starting to plan a springtime trip away from home and transporting your communication aids carefully can be a challenge. Damaging a vital communication device would not only spoil the trip but can be very distressing for individuals who rely on them, so we’ve put together a checklist for travelling with AAC.

Charge It

The standard battery life of modern communication aids is about 8 to 10 hours, so making sure you fully charge up your battery the eve before your trip will ensure that you have enough charge for the journey. If you’re travelling long haul it might be a good idea to charge a few spare batteries as well, to ensure power can be supplied to the device until you get the opportunity to recharge at your destination.

Pack It

If you will be packing the device away for the journey, it’s best to be cautious and wrap it with extreme care, particularly if it will be being handled at an airport or ferry terminal by someone other than yourself.  Totally dismantle the communication aid and wrap each piece in a thick layer of padding, not forgetting to bring a backup communication device such as an iPad with you.

Update It

Electronics vary from place to place so if you’re stating in more than one location during a trip, remember to re-programme remote commands for environmental control. This can easily be set up by writing new commands without the need to delete the ones required for at home.

If you would like advice about travelling with communication aids, give us a call on 01691 624 222.