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Turning Disability into Ability

Posted on 04/10/2018

One of our biggest ethos’ is to help people to see what a person can do as opposed to what they can’t and all the work we do is inspired by exactly that. To truly make change and get people to see the person and not the disability, it is important to make life as easy as possible for those with complex disorders affecting speech, mobility and learning. By supplying assistive technology for communication, we believe that we can bridge the communication gap, giving disabled people a chance to show what they can do.

How Does It Help?

Supplying assistive technology for communication opens doors for those with disabilities affecting their speech and gives them a chance to lead a more independent life. After receiving a device, our members often get to say there very first words, allowing them to do things that are easily taken for granted, such as asking for food, talking about feelings and creating friendships. By giving a voice to these people, they can show people that they can have a conversation, make requests and develop relationships, minimising the isolation that they may have previously felt.

Reaching New Heights

Besides improving the social abilities of those with speech disorders, assistive technology for communication can aid people to develop their professional skills and eventually help them into employment. As well as speech software, most modern devices come equipped with internet connectivity and office software, meaning they can complete school work, enrol on to online courses or even attend a classroom environment. By enabling these people to develop a variety of skills, they are more likely to integrate further into society and reap the benefits of employment and independence.

For more information about out assistive technology for communication, take a look at our dedicated page here or call our team on 01691 624 222.