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Speech Aids for Disabled People

Posted on 05/07/2018

Here at the Sequal Trust our main objectives are to set lively minds free and to help those with communication disorders or severe learning difficulties to express themselves through assistive technology. The difference the right communication equipment can make to the lives of people with disabilities is outstanding. We’ve created an acrostic poem to show you just how life altering a device can be.

School: Most schools do not have the budget for speech aids for disabled people so when a student is provided with a device through us, it gives them the opportunity to learn, grow and develop. Instead of being at home, children with speech aids can actively partake in lessons and make friends, in many cases for the first time.

People: Upon receiving a speech aid, individuals can interact with people around them. Socialising is part of the human experience that so many with communication difficulties struggle to engage with.

Expression: Where they may have been unable to express their wants and needs before a speech aid, recipients can now interact with the world around them and let people know their feelings, if they are hungry, or if they want to do an activity; giving them much greater control of their lives that can so easily taken for granted by others.

End Silence: Without a means of expression, many disabled people have to endure a life time of silence. Not only are they unable to speak themselves, but others, sadly avoid talking to non-verbal people which can bring great frustration and sadness. With a speech aid, recipients no longer need to endure the silence.

Careers: Once an individual has a speech aid, they are taking steps towards a more fulfilling life and for many a communication device opens doors. With most assistive technology able to vocalise and connect to the internet, users can function within an office setting and have a greater chance of starting a career.

Happiness: Once a person receives a speech aid and can do things they never could, their overall life satisfaction increases. It’s no secret that a lot of disabled people experience depression due to a lack of life experiences and social isolation. But with the provision of a suitable communication device we aim to stop this and bring happiness to the people we help.


Achievement: With a means of expression, individuals can start to undertake qualifications. Whether they choose academic qualifications, courses that stimulate their hobbies or anything otherwise, with a speech aid that can talk or type on their behalf, they are able to sit exams and progress with their desired achievements.

Independence: Leading a more independent life is one of the most sought-after parts of receiving a speech aid. Once an individual can speak, socialise and strive toward their goals, they are able to do things more independently. From visiting a store to ordering a meal, many small tasks become big milestones.

Differences diminished: With the ability to communicate, a speech aids recipient has their difference to others diminished, which can increase self-confidence and overall life satisfaction.

Set lively minds free: Most people with some sort of communication disorder often have all the words, knowledge and information but no means to let it out. By employing speech aids, they can finally get their thoughts and feelings out into the open and setting lively minds free is our main objective in supplying such devices.