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Lee Ridley – What Happened Next

Posted on 15/11/2018

Back in June when he won the Britain’s Got Talent competition, our patron Lee Ridley did so much to raise awareness of communication difficulties and proved to all of our members that having a speech disorder doesn’t have to define you. Now it’s November and Lee is set to perform on the Royal Variety stage on the 19th of November, as the first comedian to use a communication aid in his set. We believe that with the right communication aid, nothing is impossible, and Lee Ridley is a testament to that.

Comedy On The Road

Lee has taken his show back onto the road since winning and has achieved his life-long dream of selling out a show in his home city of Newcastle. In fact, armed with his communication device he has had sold out shows in Doncaster and his entire Edinburgh Fringe run, adding extra performances to try and meet the demand. He recently announced a tour of the whole of the UK for 2019 and plans to continue touring for the rest of the year, performing alongside comedy greats like Johnny Vegas and Lee Nelson.

Writing New Material

Besides using his communication aid to perform his show, Lee is reportedly using it to create content in new forms. Having been commissioned to write a book about disability but it is unsure weather it will have the comedic tone he is known for or whether it will be a serious book.  In spite of his busy schedule, Lee has also found the time to create a second series of his successful radio comedy show called ‘ability’ which he co-wrote and starred in as the main character. Last, but not least, Lost Voice Guy appeared as a new headliner on Sky’s comedy shorts programme, where he played a character not too dissimilar from himself, dealing with talking to train commuters with a communication aid.