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Lee Ridley: Britain’s Got Talent

Posted on 10/05/2018

One of our patrons, Lee Ridley, has entered this year’s Britain’s Got Talent and was seen into the next round with a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges! As a stand-up comedian, his 2-minute audition was conducted entirely through his communication device, which he used to crack jokes about everything from his disability to Newcastle accents.  Complications of Cerebral Palsy prevent Lee from talking, so not only does he rely on his assistive technology for his stand up set, but for communicating on a daily basis.

In his audition, the comedy started before he had begun his set when Simon Cowell asked: “Why did you decide to enter the show this year?”

To which Lee replied: “I think I entered Britain’s Got Talent for the same reason everybody else does….to meet Ant and Dec.” With laughter from the beginning, his show kept the audience and judges amused throughout, as he likened himself to a train announcer, cashier voiceover and Special Forces.

Lee has been a stand-up comedian since 2012 and is the first ever to use an electronic communication device in his set. In 2014 he won the BBC’s Best New Comedy Award and has been commissioned to write a sitcom for BBC Radio 4 titled ‘Ability’ which is to be aired this year.

Since 2013 Lee has had a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he uses his time on stage to talk about disabilities, as he did in his BGT audition. He has even warmed up for some big names such as Jason Manford, Ross Noble, Jason Cook and Patrick Kielty.

As a communication disability charity, we are immensely proud of all Lee has achieved and hope that his success continues to grow, both on and off the Britain’s Got Talent stage. We are exceptionally pleased to have him as a patron as he proves everyday that with the right assistive technology, people with communication difficulties can achieve their aspirations.

To learn more about Lee visit his website, or click here to watch his audition.