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How To Find The Right Help

Posted on 17/01/2019

As one of many communication disability charities, it’s not in our nature to be single serving, but rather help as many people as we possibly can. Our own charity helps people with incoherent speech or that are non-verbal through the provision of suitable communication aids. But there are many other conditions that affect a person’s speech that other charities are better suited to help. We’ve devised a list of communication disability charities to help a range of speech conditions besides incoherence.

Action for Stammering Children

This communication disability charity focuses on giving children with stammers the same opportunities as their peers by enabling them access to effective services and support. The organisation funds specialist assessments for any child or young person in the UK who stammers as well as funding therapy and the training of speech and language therapists.

Auditory Verbal UK

As a communication disability charity that helps deaf children, the vision of Auditory Verbal UK is not only to help these individuals hear and talk as equals alongside their hearing peers. The organisation focuses on supporting families with their early intervention programme, training of professionals, conducting research and increasing awareness and expectations of what deaf children can achieve.


Makaton is a language support system that uses signing alongside speech to help children who have developmental delays or communication difficulties. Different from sign language, this communication disability charity encourages users of Makaton to drop signing at their own pace, or once their speech has developed. This organisation provides training and resources to help people learn Makaton for themselves, to teach or for caring purposes.

If you or somebody you know has communication difficulties and you don’t know where to turn for help, see our advice and support page.