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How Do I? – Assistive Technology

Posted on 13/09/2018

A pioneering new assistive technology app is being developed with the help of furniture giant IKEA to help disabled people in the workplace. ‘How Do I’ is intended to assist disabled people to complete tasks without the need for constant supervision.

The app works by the user scanning a special sticker, no bigger than a £2 coin which is placed near to certain objects such as kettles, toasters or washing machines. Once the assistive technology has recognised the sticker, it will deliver an instructional video detailing how to do certain tasks such as make a cup of tea or put the washing on.

Although the assistive technology app is still in its infancy, it is currently being trialled by Disability Action Yorkshire to PAT test donated electrical items, which are then sold at its Hornbeam Park social enterprises.

By using Near Field Communication technology, ‘How Do I’ aims to not only allow for greater independence at work, but also to teach new skills to disabled employees and help them manage everyday tasks.

The company work with their customers to co-create custom instructional videos specific to their industry or surroundings, so that once created, the sticker can be used over and over for new employees or to refresh knowledge.