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Alternative Electronic Communication Aids

Posted on 06/09/2018

It is often the case that the ‘normal’ range of electronic communication aids are recommended to and trialled by our service users, who often end up with a lightwriter, eye gaze machine or a Grid pad. Although common, these are not the only options available to those with communication difficulties and there are a huge variety of electronic communication aids suited to an even broader range of people.

The TTS100

This communication device is suited to those with severe communication difficulties and is a text to speech device operated by a QWERTY keyboard. Once a user has typed in their desired sentences the message shows on the LCD display screen before being synthesised and read aloud via the inbuilt speaker system. This electronic communication aid is operated by a rechargeable battery and has adjustable key press sensitivity, so those who have hand tremors or similar are still able to operate the device for communication.

GoTalk9+ Lite Touch

Made by the company Liberator, the GoTalk 9+ Lite is a button operated device with 9 customisable controls. With 12 buttons in total, the first 3 are used for greetings and asking for medical help. With the option of recording up to 45 messages and up to 9 minutes of recording time, the GoTalk9+ Lite can be used to initiate conversations, support communication in daily activities, talk on the telephone, practice speaking and articulation, give instructions and participate in small group discussion.

Talk Tablet

The Talk Tablet designed for IOS, android, windows and amazon operated tablets and allows users to communicate using pictures. This electronic communication aid is laid out in a grid format which contains a number of pre-set images that represent certain words or phrases. Users select the symbol that contains their desired words and the Talk Tablet will read out the selection that has been made. Users of this device can add random text to phrases using the on-screen keyboard and can redesign the layout of the symbols and pictures depending on their personal preference.

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