Therapy Box – Communication Aid Apps

One of our suppliers of communication aid apps is Therapy Box. They are a ‘full stack’ technology company who develop their own range of assistive apps for the healthcare and education sectors. Our members are often equipped with their apps, chiefly Predictable, ChatAble and Scene & Heard.



Predictable is an app tailored for those who are literate but have lost the ability to speak, which users type into and it predicts what they want to say, before reading the sentence out. This communication aid app has won multiple awards and is available to use in 10 different languages. Using specially formulated algorithms the app adjusts to how the user speaks and will be able to predict what the user wishes to say, in their own way, over time. It also has head tracking built-in so that those who do not have the use of their hands can control it with movements of the head.



The ChatAble communication aid app is a symbol-based app that allows users to form sentences using pictures and icons, so is well suited for children, teenagers and adults who can neither write nor speak. The app comes preloaded with a library of pictures that can be used to build grids, visual scenes and hybrid pages which are all customisable, enabling users to change the size, layout and look of their grid. ChatAble even comes with language and vocabulary tracking so that users and their caregivers can monitor their progress both with the programme and language generally.


Scene & Heard

This app by Therapy Box is designed for use by those with very limited language skills and is most commonly used by children with Autism. The app displays different scenes which the user can select to hear a description of what is happening. By using these visual scenes, the app helps to improve context-based communication. One of the key features is also that users can create their own scenes which can be programmed to play certain audio or video when selected, allowing users to customise their language to their own schedules.