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The Sequal Trust is a national charity which fundraises to provide communication aids for it’s disabled members who do not have sufficient income to purchase such devices themselves. Life membership covers life long equipment loan and technical maintenance of any issued equipment. Sequal operates by applying to fund giving organisations and charities, both local and national, for monetary donations towards the cost of the equipment recommended for your needs. This could include Lions, Rotary and Round Table Clubs as well as local media contacts, shops and businesses. In doing so, we may be asked to divulge such details as are included on these forms. However, we will never divulge contact details or further information to a prospective funder without first gaining your permission. All information provided is kept on a secure database and in hard copy form until such a time as it is no longer needed, at which point it will be deleted.

Please note:

  • We are not able to supply devices on demand or give a definite waiting time whilst the fund raising campaigns are conducted – this could take from a few weeks to a maximum of 4-6 months depending on the cost of the required device.
  • Sequal retains ownership of all equipment which is issued on a life long loan basis. Once supplied, although we remain responsible for all technical repairs and necessary replacements, NOT caused by the user, you are required to insure the equipment against loss, theft or accidental damage.
  • Where computers or laptops have been provided, attempts to access the hard drive will invalidate the warranty. Broadband contracts or resulting problems are not covered in our remit. However, advice on all these issues are available from our office during opening hours.
  • Letters of thanks and photos sent in to The Sequal Trust at any time, which are felt to be of interest to other members or prospective donors, may be included in our publications or on our website using only Christian names.
  • The applicant or their guardian if a minor, will be responsible for all programs and files downloaded and contained on computer equipment issued to you by The Sequal Trust. Some internet sites contain material of a strictly adult nature and we would request access to be rigorously monitored.
  • Any computer equipment is issued to the member and not intended for use by family members or friends.

As the purpose of The Sequal Trust is to provide vital communication equipment to those individuals who are either solely in receipt of benefits/allowances or their disposable income is low even if they are in employment, you are required to complete the accompanying income and expenditure form as pertains to your household situation. This information may also be requested and supplied to prospective donors who ask for the completion of their own and more detailed application forms