Designed and manufactured by Gus Communication Devices the TalkTablet is the only application suitable for IOS, android, windows and Kindle devices. Similarly, to a Grid Pad device, this communication aid software contains a grid of information that allows the user to select a variety of pre-set categories and form sentences. However, the main difference from a Grid Pad is that rather than words, the categories are represented solely by images.

TalkTablet communication aids order phrases and words in semantic categories, for easy navigation. When selected by the user, each category opens up into a range of sub-categories so more specific phrase selections can be made. For example, one image on the first menu will be represented by a generic image of food, which when opened will have options such as fruit, meat, drinks or snacks. These menus are fully customisable, and users are able to select images and phrases of their choosing, even with the options for adding your own photos.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Thanks to the device being image-led in the categorisation of phrases, the TalkTablet is suitable for small children who may not have learnt to read yet, right through to elderly people.  Developed for anyone with communication difficulties, people with ALS, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, have had a stroke or a laryngectomy can benefit from this communication aid software.