Of course, your loved ones are your first priority when making your will and this we understand. But if you are supportive of the work we do and the children and adults we help, it would be wonderful if you could remember us with a legacy.

So many individuals have to cope on a daily basis, being unable to communicate their most basic and personal needs or to interact with those around them, caring for them. Children in school have difficulties in keeping up with their fellow students or even being able to join in with play and chat sessions. Last year Sequal provided almost £300,000 worth of communicational equipment to change the lives of those who have previously had to go through life in this way.

With funding becoming so much harder to raise, a gift remembering us in your will would help so many of these children and adults who are still waiting for a means with which to set their lively minds free.

A codicil can be added to any will already made and your legal representative can advise you on how to leave either a specified amount or a percentage of your estate. All the information you will require when adding us to your Will, is our full name and address and charity registration number (260119).

If you would like to help in this manner, we pledge that your gift will be used towards the purchase of the augmentative communication aids so much needed by individuals with disabilities affecting their natural speech and movement.  Thank you.