Communication Aids by Liberator

Liberator are a communication aid manufacturer who create a huge range of devices and programmes to help those with limited speech to have a voice and they quite often supply our charity with their ‘accents’ range. These AAC devices  which when loaded with grid software, are customisable to the user’s unique needs. Using buttons with words, symbols, pictures or a combination on them users can create sentences and phrases that are then read aloud by the machine. Assistive technology users can then customise these grids, using their own images, phrases and even recorded snippets of voice.

Accent 800

This communication aid has a battery life of up to 10 hours and uses Windows 10 platform to provide the most up to date and user-friendly platform, helping to make communication easy for the user. The Accent 800 complies with military grade drop and vibration specifications, so that it is robust and transportable, without worrying about damage.

Accent 1000

The Accent 1000 has all of the features of the 800 but has a larger memory that gives the user 4GB of RAM and 12GB of storage as well as a larger screen. The accent 1000 is preloaded with NuVoice software which has built in resources, for users and clinicians. The device can be used in a variety of environments including in the classroom and medical environments thanks to its adjustability, should the user’s motor skills change.

Accent 1400

Larger than its predecessors the Accent 1400 the 14” screen is well suited to those who want larger icons or have more complex needs. The large screen can allow for more buttons to be displayed for those with more advanced language skills, or the buttons themselves can be enlarged for those with a lack of vision or who may suffer with mobility issues and find touching screens in specific areas more challenging.