Communication Aids by Jabbla UK

Jabbla UKis just one of the communication aid manufacturers that provides the devices funded by our communication aid charity. They manufacture a variety of communication aids from traditional text to speech devices to touch screen hand held aids, all of which encourage face to face communication between someone with limited speech and their communication partners.



The Allora model by Jabbla UK is both keyboard and switch accessible and allows users to type out their messages, which are then displayed on a screen facing whoever they are talking to. As the input method for this device is a keyboard, it is designed for those who have limited speech but who are literate and the built-in speaker system is two way, meaning both the speaker and their conversation partner are able to hear what the user is inputting to the device.



This communication aid is a tablet-like device which can be used for communicating through text to speech as well as email, browsing the internet and work-related tasks. The tablet is also able to make phone calls and text messages, providing the user with even more ways to communicate with the worlds around them. The Tellus is eye gaze compatible making it ideal for those users who are speech impaired and also may have physical disabilities, as it can be controlled with eye movements. Alternatively, the Tellus devices are switch accessible with up to 2 switch capacity.



The Mobi is a talking technology device that allows users to control appliances in the home, send text messages and make phone calls via the internet. Available in 2 versions, one with a capacitive touch screen that is activated by finger press, or another that is a resistive touch screen, and is activated by any object such as a stylus, fingernails or compatible eye gaze device.



The latest communication device by Jabbla UK, the Vibe is a device designed for active users and is a practical size that is lightweight for portability. It combines features from the Allora, the Tellus and the Mobi to create a communication aid that has a dual display with messages facing both the conversation partner and the user, as well as the full functionality of a tablet, with phone calls, text messages and communication software all featured.