This communication aid is a switch to text device that allows the users to type out what it is they wish to communicate. Featuring a qwerty keyboard, one LCD screen and an augmented speaker, the device allows users to both communicate in automated speech and through text. This makes the communication aid ideal for multiple environments as the user can speak to those nearby or if out and about, at work or school where surroundings can be loud, they can pass the device to whom they wish to communicate with for reading. With a rechargeable battery and optional male and female automated voices, the device is both easily accessible and portable.

Although the device relies on switch pressing, there is predictive text which can be turned on to minimise the amount of typing a user has to do. The Phrase communication aid also has intuitive menus and easy selection to maximise user-friendliness.

Who Is It For?

As the device is similar in style to a lightwriter, it is suited to those who do not have mobility issues as it relies on contact with the keypad to initiate speech. However, the device does accommodate  hand tremors with its inbuilt adjustable key sensitivity. Most commonly, this communication aid is trialled and employed for those that have severe communication disabilities such as Dysarthria, Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia, Apraxia of speech and Dysphasia. The TTS100 was developed alongside research and patient studies with NHS Speech and language and occupational therapists and as a result, is designed for use both in the home and hospital.