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SEQUAL: The 5 W’s

Posted on 21/06/2018

As a communication disorder charity our job is to help people who have trouble communicating; whether that is because of a speech issue, severe learning difficulties or a diagnosed condition. Whether or not you have a communication disorder, our role in helping people with disabilities can be confusing so in our latest blog we’re telling you all you need to know about The Sequal Trust.

What We Do

We assist people in purchasing communication devices to help them express themselves. A common misconception is that we pick the right AAC and then supply it but in actual fact, an individual’s assigned Speech and Language Therapist will train them on various devices before selecting the one most appropriate to their needs. People can then apply for our help in funding these devices which are often hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Who We Help

Anybody with a communication disorder, mobility issue or learning difficulties who has been recommended a communication device such as a Grid Pad, Lightwriter, eye gaze or iPad. It doesn’t matter if you were born with a speech issue or if you acquired one as a result of something later in life, our communication disorder charity aims to help anybody who struggles to communicate.

Why Do We Do It?

Our hard work is inspired by those who know their challenges and face up to them every day. We believe that everybody has a right to a voice and should be able to express their wants and needs, have relationships and an education. By providing suitable communication equipment, we aim to help those who need our help to live more fulfilling lives and achieve their dreams

Where and When Do We Operate

Although our head office is in Ellesmere, our services are available to anybody who meets the criteria and lives in the UK. Our phone line is open from 9 AM- 4:40 PM Monday-Friday or you can get in touch with us at , Facebook or Twitter pages anytime.