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Lightwriter AAC – 4 Ways It Can Enhance Your Life

Posted on 21/12/2018

The lightwriter AAC is a little-understood communication device as many people overlook it as it appears small and unassuming at first glance. But we think the small size and simple interface of the device, is what makes it really pack a punch! We’ve compiled 4 ways in which a Lightwriter can enhance your life.

  1. Lead a More Active Life

If you have communication difficulties, socialising with friend and family outside of the home can have its challenges, but with a Lightwriter AAC, you can have access to software specifically designed for communication. Utilising this device will allow you to communicate wherever you go, thanks to its small size and long-lasting battery.

  1. Stay in Touch

That said, sometimes just staying in touch with friends and family from home can have its challenges, especially if you are unable to talk on the phone. A Lightwriter AAC has both internet capabilities, SMS connection and can even be linked to a phone to make phone calls!

  1. Easy Communication

The Lightwriter AAC’s dual screens allow communication partners to read the text while maintaining a natural face-to-face dialogue including engagement through gestures and body language. As well as text abilities, the built-in speaker of the device allows all your messages to be read out by an automated voice, allowing for clear and concise message delivery.

  1. Easy to Use

Lightwriter AAC devices are easy to use, just flick a switch and you’re ready to go! The user-friendly interface has adjustable key sensitivity and each lightwriter has a set of keyguards. These help to guide your fingers to the correct position and avoid accidental key presses, ideal for those who may not have full motor control.

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