GoTalk Communication Aids By Liberator

The GoTalk range of communication aids operate on a button system, with a 4, 9 and 20 buttons depending on the model. Each button represents a word or phrase dictated by the choice of the user. Some versions of the device come with set greetings buttons as well as one that asks for assistance for users who are in hospitals. Messages can be represented with word cards or image card dependent on the preference of the user.

Simple to use, the user just has to press the appropriate button with the message they wish to convey, then the automated voice will speak their request through the speaker. Each GoTalk communication aid comes equipped with an inbuilt sound recorder for unique phrases to be installed on the device.  With space for up to 45 messages, 5 sets of phrases, 9 minutes of recordings and an erase feature, the GoTalk communication aids are easily formatted as the user’s circumstances or requirements change.

Who Is It Suited For?

As the button-based design is simplistic the device is suited to those with severe disabilities with limited or no speech. The GoTalk range of communication aids are suitable for those with lifelong conditions as well as those who may be suffering a temporary loss of speech, such as stroke patients. The adaptability of the device means it can be used by a variety of ages and is suited to home, school, work and hospital environments. Storing 5 levels of messages on each device, the communication aid is suitable for initiating conversations, support communication in daily activities, talk on the telephone, tell personal anecdotes, practice speaking and articulation, give instructions and participate in small group instruction.