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Achievements with Eye Gaze Technology

Posted on 03/01/2019

As one of the main communication devices that we supply to our members, it’s safe to say we’re a pretty big advocate of eye gaze technology. Over and over again we have seen how revolutionary how eye enabled devices can be to an individual’s lifestyle and we’re always eager to share the milestone reached because of them.

At the end of last year, we stumbled across this fantastic man, Ron Wheeler who was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and has since suffered the loss of mobility, and sadly his voice too. Since he lost his speech, he has used eye gaze technology to speak for him, but he has also used it to follow his passion. As an Ex printer and artist, Ron’s hands were his main tool, but he has still been able to create amazing pieces of art using his eye gaze technology.

Before his diagnoses his artwork took the form of nautical illustrations, focusing on elegant ships and emotive ocean scenes, now with the help of technology he creates abstract digital masterpieces using his eyes as his paintbrush.

Earlier on in 2018, one of our members, Maddie, also achieved an artistic milestone using her own eye gaze technology despite being just 5 years old. Maddie has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has very limited movement and is entirely non-verbal, but in spite of this was able to play an automated musical instrument for the first time.

With Maddie and Ron both benefiting artistically and personally from eye gaze technology, it shows just how versatile the device can be. It is simple to use and is well suited to a variety of ages, disabilities and purposes.

To learn more about eye gaze technology of any other communication devices, check out our dedicated page.