Current Appeals

The Sequal Trust Current Appeals May 2018

At any given time, we are fundraising to supply our members with electronic communication aids and assistive technology. Here are some of our current appeals:

26-year-old Rebecca from the West Midlands has Rett Syndrome and is both wheelchair dependant and non-verbal. At present, she communicates using her eyes and facial expressions, or by pointing to cards to make her needs and wishes known. She is totally reliant on those who know her to interpret this most basic form of communication. We hope to raise £8642 for an eye operated Tobii I-12 system.

Jasmine from Hertfordshire is 6 years old and has motor movement disorder in all limbs, is wheelchair dependent and non-verbal. She also has a seizure disorder that can mean she has up to 20 unpredictable seizures a day. To address her communication difficulties, her Speech and Language Therapist has recommended an Eye Gaze Grid Pad system at a cost of £5650.

Luke is 13, lives in Staffordshire and has a diagnosis of a very rare condition called Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. CMD has many symptoms and in Luke’s case his respiratory function is very poor and he is reliant on a facemask to breathe which impairs his verbal communication. Dependent on a wheelchair, because he also developed severe figure contractures, he cannot control his wheelchair or a computer. As he has also lost the movement in his head, Luke’s ability to control any aspect of his environment is severely impaired. A tablet with eye controls and a wheelchair mount has been recommended at a price of £3500.

The members listed here are but a small fraction of the people seeking our help at present. We are also fundraising for a number of other members who wish to remain anonymous.