Current Appeals

The Sequal Trust Current Appeals February 2021

17 year old Catherine who lives in Surrey, has Rett syndrome. She has very poor limb function and is non-verbal. She requires a an eye operated Grid Pad at a cost of £4,770.

9 year old Arna from Essex has been diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP), global developmental delay microcephaly and abnormal brain development. Arna has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair. She lives at home with her parents and older brother. With all Arna’s needs taken into account her Special Needs Tutor has recommend that, as this condition is progressive, the best option for now and the future would be equipment that enables her to communicate using her eyes. This will give her the ability to make choices, socialize and most importantly tell people how she feels. Her parents are unable to afford this equipment themselves so have turned to us for help. The cost of the complete package, Surface Pro Eye Gaze Education: Irisbond with wheelchair mount is in the region of £2600.

Ava-Mae from Cheshire is 6 yrs old and also has Retts Syndrome. She requires a Tobii I-12+ and mount costing £3,900

5 year old Coral who lives in Cornwall also has Rett Syndrome and requires a Tobii I-12+ and mount costing £3,900.

William is 35, lives in Cwmbran and has CP. He requires a Lightwriter costing £2,200