Current Appeals

The Sequal Trust Current Appeals October 2018

36 year old David from London who has CP and requires a replacement laptop as his current one which we supplied is defunct. David is wheelchair dependent and has very poor speech. He lives in a specially adapted flat and is cared for by his mother. His device will cost in the region of £500.

5 year old Holly lives in Staffordshire, has a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome and is non-verbal and wheelchair dependent; she was born with hearing loss and slow development and in 2017 Holly spent 3 months in hospital for increased seizures and difficulties breathing. Taking all of her disability into account her LDN felt that without her own aid to assist communication, Holly will never meet her full potential. As she has already demonstrated her ability to use eye gaze the recommended equipment is a Surface Pro Eyegaze Education at a cost of £2,650.

15 year old Amanvir from Birmingham was born 3 months prematurely and has a diagnosis of Autism with very limited, unintelligible speech. He had been using an iPad with specialised voice output software but now due to its age and having been extremely well used it’s stopped working and as it’s beyond any viable repair he desperately needs a replacement. The cost of the iPad with pre-installed Proloquo2go software and tough case is in the region of £1,065