Current Appeals

The Sequal Trust Current Appeals September 2021

7 year old Isabelle who lives in Bradford has Rett syndrome. She is unable to walk or talk and she needs an eye operated device costing £8,721.

Betsy, who is 7 and lives in Sussex, has Rett syndrome. She needs an eye operated device costing £4,260.

Ben who is 7 lives in Herts and has Cerebral Palsy. His eye operated speech aid will cost £8,364.

Abraham who lives in London, is 74 and suffered a stroke which left him with dysphasia. In order to interact he needs an iPad and speech app costing £650.

21 year old Neo has Cerebral Palsy, lives in Oxford and requires an eyeoperated device at a cost of £6,250.

Teddy from Somerset is 3 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. An iPad with speech software at a cost of £650 has been recommended for him.

31 year old Gerald who lives in Staffs, suffered a stroke which has left him without a voice. He needs a Lightwriter at a cost of £2,810.

Christian is 35, lives in Wales and has a syndrome which has affected his mobility and speech. He needs a Lightwriter costing £2,810.

12 year old Finn lives in Hamps and has autism. He is non-vocal and his system costs £2,013.

Sisters Misti and Nia are in their early 20s. They live in Hamps and are autistic. They both require iPads with speech apps at a total cost of £860.

Cassie is 17 and has Rett syndrome. She is unable to walk or talk and she needs a device costing £4662.

17 year old Rahana who lives in Bedford, is autistic and non-verbal. She requires a Lightwriter Costing £2810.