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Current Appeals

Listed below are a sample of cases on our current waiting list:-

Summer is 17 and lives in Devon. She has Retts syndrome with very limited movement and she is non-verbal. We are looking to provide her with an eye operated device which costs £4,970.

26 year old Aaran from  Shropshire has a diagnosis of Lebers Amourosis. He is non-verbal and has learning difficulties. He needs a Liberator communication aid at a cost of £1,995.

49 year old Alice lives in a Residential Home in Somerset and has extreme learning difficulties with no viable speech. Her story is one of great frustration and isolation and this we hope to change for the better by supplying her with a grid Pad and specialised software costing £2,015.

Robert is 28 and lives in Gloucester. He has an acquired brain injury which he sustained in the year 2000 and this resulted in him requiring full time care and he now resides at a Residential Home. Robert relies on a wheelchair for mobility and has little movement in his arms. In addition, he has dysarthria and as his speech is mostly unintelligible he is totally dependant on a speech aid for all his communication. His requirement is for a Lightwriter Connect at a price of £3,040.