Current Appeals

The Sequal Trust Current Appeals March 2019

3 year old Eva from Southampton has a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. She has very poor limb control, is wheelchair dependent and non-verbal. The system she needs is a Tobii 1-12 Eye Gaze system and pre-installed Communicator 5 and Snap + Core software with a Connect IT table top and Bracket costing in the region of £8,600.

15 year old Madison from West Yorkshire, has the same disability and she needs a Tobii Dynavox–Eye Mobile Plus with Snap + Core and Look to Learn software, plus a wheelchair mount. The cost of this package is in the region of £5450.

32 year old Robert had an Acquired Brain Injury in 2000 when he was 13 and due to his complex needs he requires full time care and resides in a Specialist Care home in Gloucestershire. He has been a Sequal member for several years and we supplied him with his current device which is now outdated so we are fund raising to supply him with a Lightwriter SL50 which will cost £2,200.

John is 79 and has Parkinsons, is wheelchair dependent and non-verbal following a total Laryngectomy for cancer.  He lives in Hampshire and we are looking to provide him with a Lightwriter at a cost of £2,550

8 year old Esme from Buckinghamshire also has Rett’s with the same disabilities as the other girls. She needs a Tobii 1-12+ Gaze Interaction system with Communicator 5 and Snap and Core software costing £8,680

Ryan is 16, lives in Gwynedd and has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy with right sided hemiplegia. He is currently attending College as he has poor limb function, he needs a laptop with voice dictation software costing in the region of £670