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Which Grid Size Is Right for Me?

Posted on 20/06/2019

Today most modern communication aids rely on a grid system for users to input the speech they wish to vocalise and the different software that displays these grids offers a variety of configurations. Ranging from one button right through to 80 the different grid sizes are developed for varying needs of the users and are styled for different environments. While every communication aid user is different, different screen integrations can help vocabulary to develop at a pace that is suited to the individual and can offer more complex communication. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing a grid size.

Are the Buttons Easy To See?

Effective use of a communication aid relies on the user being able to see the buttons and icons clearly, so having the right size buttons is vital. The more on a grid, the smaller they become so make sure that they are easily interpreted and not distracting.

Is Access Accurate?

For touch users, it’s important that they are making accurate selections which can only be possible if the buttons are the correct size for their fingers. For eye gaze communication aids, ensure they can focus on the right button without miss selecting by adjusting button size.

How Advanced Is the Vocabulary?

Depending on the age, education level and advancement of different individuals they may need more or fewer word selections available to effectively communicate messages. For first time users starting small and building up is best, while for those who may have used other devices, a larger grid selection may be more appropriate.

Can They Do More?

Once you have chosen a grid, it doesn’t necessarily have to remain with a certain number of tiles forever. It’s important to reassess a communication aid users’ ability and reassure them that they can do more over time.

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