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The Sequal Trust’s Newest Trustee

Posted on 08/11/2019

The Sequal Trust are pleased to announce that we have acquired a new trustee, Amy Finney. Amy lives in Stockport and has had a diagnosis of epilepsy and cerebral palsy since she was just 6 months old. It was apparent from birth that she was displaying all the typical signs of CP, not reaching milestones, struggling with motor skills and a lack of sleep. Despite doctors saying she would never walk, at the age of five, Amy began to walk with a frame and attended mainstream school with full-time support throughout her childhood.

Amy is a fantastic patron to The Sequal Trust and is a testament as to what can be achieved with the right support. Now at the age of 28 years old Amy runs a successful blog called ‘My Beautiful & Unique Struggles’ as well as a private group for members, where she candidly discusses her disabilities and invites other people to tell their stories.  With over 1000 followers, Amy’s blog talks about living with cerebral palsy and how her condition affects everyday life from working, buying a house and getting married to finding fashion, dealing with stigma and becoming a Trustee of The Sequal Trust!

Our communication aid charity is extremely pleased to have the support of Amy and are happy that she has decided to come on board and play a part in running our charity. She will be working alongside our other trustees, Ron Harnett, Pat Redferns, Jackie Cheetham, Hannah Cheetham, Rob Clarke, Keith Ford and Nigel Driver.

Her new role will play an integral part in supplying communication aids to our members who require funding to obtain assistive devices. Amy is now part of our small team that pledges to set lively minds free through the provision of suitable communication aids and with her help, we hope to reach even more people in need.

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