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Switches for Communication Aids

Posted on 25/04/2019

Communication aids come in many forms and aside from the traditional devices, there are a number of accessories that can be employed to make everyday computers, tablets and software accessible to people with disabilities. From computer mice to switch controls and environmental sensors there are a whole host of options that can be used to make life more independent and more fulfilling for those with limited mobility and speech.

AMAneo Assistive Anti-Tremor Mouse Adapter

Using a computer can be extremely difficult for people with tremors, so this AMAneo can make life a little easier for device users. By detecting these tremors, the mouse accounts for the movement and ensures that the cursor remains on the selected item on the screen, saving time when compared with a traditional mouse.

Integramouse Plus

Some people who cannot move their arms at all rely on computer-based communication aids and the Integramouse plus is the ideal solution. It operated in exactly the same way, dragging, dropping clicking and selecting items on screen, but instead is controlled by the user’s mouth with them blowing in certain ways to move the cursor.

Accuratus 3XP Foot Switch

Where a mouse isn’t appropriate for communication aid users, switches offer an easy to employ alternative. The Accuratus 3XP foot switch features three pedals mounted on a flat surface for use on the floor and can be programmed with key stroke, combinations, strings, mouse click and multimedia functions for use across devices.

Kajobutton Soft Switch

This switch is soft and foam covered and features a Velcro attachment and safety pin so a person can wear the switch or it can be mounted onto textiles. Ideal for in transport this small and portable communication aid accessory has both tactile and auditory feedback making it ideal for those with limited sensation.

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