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Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month

Posted on 20/09/2019

Muscular Dystrophy month is one of the most poignant disability awareness campaigns and is particularly important to The Sequal Trust, as many of our members have the condition. Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that are neuromuscular, effecting the nerves that control the muscles. One of the most common conditions under this umbrella includes Motor Neuron Disease or ALS which is what our late patron Professor Stephen Hawking had.

What Are The Symptoms?

Here at The Sequal Trust, we regularly sign new members up who are non-verbal or have incoherent speech as a result of muscular dystrophy or a related disease, but this is often one of the later presenting symptoms of the condition. Typically, the first noticeable signs are present from a young age and include poor balance, muscle deformation, muscle spasms and an inability to walk. As a result, most people afflicted with a condition require a communication aid as well as a wheelchair or walking aids.

Is There a Cure?

There is currently no known cure for muscular dystrophy and due to the nature of the condition, those who have it tend to grow progressively weaker over time and often have a shortened life expectancy. As these conditions effect the muscles and nerves, over time they begin to affect the respiratory system, heart and even the brain, resulting in a total loss of function and independence.

How We Can Help

While there isn’t a cure at present, the conditions can be manageable with a range of treatments such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and regular steroid injections. As a communication aid supplier, we also advocate the provision of communication aids for these people so that they can maintain a level of independence, make requests, alert medical staff or just have a conversation with their relatives.

For more information about muscular dystrophy please get in contact with us on 01691 624 222.