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Aids to Help Individuals Communicate

Posted on 15/08/2019

With more and more digital advances every day it’s only natural that these technological improvements be applied in the world of AAC. While phones, laptops and iPads come equipped with more and more features, their respective app stores now also stock a range of aids to help individuals communicate.


This AAC app allows users to talk using symbols or to type out messages which convert into natural-sounding speech. Developed for Apple products, this aid to help individuals communicate is fully customisable, switch accessible and has up to 14,000 symbols, making it a solution for all ages and all abilities.


This symbol-based AAC app is available on both iPad and Android devices and has some unique features. As an aid to help individuals communicate, it contains a core vocabulary set as well as some content/topic-based boards. The grids are fully customisable, and the app has the capability for users to upload their own photos in place of traditional symbols, for a more personalised communication.

TapSpeak Sequence

Designed for iPads and iPod touch, this app allows recording and playback of a sequence of messages. The recording length is unlimited, and all inputs can be saved for use at a later date or even be edited. This allows users to personalise their communications or use the voice of someone they know, such as a parent or carer, which can offer comfort to nonverbal individuals.

Scene & Heard

While not a stand-alone communication app, scene and heard supports language through the use of visual displays using widget symbols or users’ own photos. This can be particularly useful for young users or those who are learning new vocabulary and need visual stimulation to learn.

If you would like to learn more about the apps available, please visit our communication aids page.