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Communication Equipment for Disabled Children

Posted on 22/11/2018

Deciding upon the most suitable communication equipment for disabled children can be a challenge, especially as it isn’t always clear if their symptoms will improve or deteriorate. With the cost of such devices high and waiting lists for speech and language therapists long, it’s only natural that you may seek out some cheap alternatives to trial before being professionally assessed. We’ve put together a guide of some of the best communication equipment for disabled children.

Communication Boards, Charts & Books

There are lots of variations of this communication equipment for disabled children, suited to different ages, mobility levels and disabilities. Whether a book, chart or board communication is conducted the same way, by pointing or looking at a specific word, symbol or image or letters to convey the message. Many versions of charts, books and boards have interchangeable cards, making them adaptable different scenarios such as, in the home, at a restaurant or even at school.


While not a stand-alone communication equipment for disabled children, switches allow access to other communication devices and have different activation methods. Some switches are triggered via movement, pressure, sucking and touch, so different versions are suited to different disabilities. When connected to a communication device, the switch operates as a command and can be used to call attention, greet, turn pages in electronic books and control their environment.

Voice Output Devices

These communication equipment for disabled children operate on the same basis as charts and boards but are electronic versions. When a user selected a specific image of word, the automated built in voice speaks the phrase or word they have selected out loud. These devices whilst more expensive, do have more economical versions well suited to young children, as they are basic demands such as eating, drinking, toilet and help.

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